The Swig Company
Company History

Founded in 1936 by Benjamin Swig, The Swig Company, LLC has established a strong legacy as a developer, investor, owner and manager of urban commercial real estate. From its base in San Francisco, The Swig Company has built a presence in several major markets across the U.S. through ownership of prominent office and hotel properties.


The Swig Company achieved early renown as the force behind the famed Fairmont Hotel brand. The Company acquired the San Francisco Fairmont Hotel in the immediate post-World War II period and went on to flag and/or develop hotels in Chicago, New Orleans, Dallas, Denver, San Jose, New York and Boston. The flagship Fairmont Hotel on Nob Hill in San Francisco has been featured in numerous films and TV shows.


While the hotels were the most visible of The Swig Company's holdings, the Company steadily built a major presence as a developer, owner and operator of prominent office buildings and other commercial properties across the country. In 1998, with hotel values at or near historic peaks, The Swig Company made a strategic decision to sell the majority of its hotel holdings, exit the hotel management business, and refocus its efforts on urban office investments. Today, the Company is focused on growing beyond its sizeable “legacy” property portfolio.


The company’s current real estate holdings comprise a diversified, limited-risk, urban office property portfolio of approximately 8.5 million square feet primarily invested in three core markets: Northern California, Southern California, and Manhattan. As an experienced investor and operator, The Swig Company identifies and invests in value-added properties, maximizing value through active asset and property management and capital markets expertise as well as its experience in structuring complex financial transactions.