The Swig Company’s progressive approach to commercial real estate incorporates its rich company traditions, people-centric vision, and its enthusiastic forward focus.  Its dedication to transforming buildings to create flexibility, fresh technological approaches, and a robust and engaging user experience is present in every property. The Swig Company strives to anticipate and meet the evolving needs of a community and its tenants through growth and innovation in the following five ways:


Property Transformation

  • Repositioning buildings to create a positive arrival experience and immediate sense of the building brand
  • Creating vibrant lobbies that encourage people to linger rather than merely pass through
  • An unwavering commitment to understand what building occupants want and make our tenants’ priorities our own
  • See how Swig thoughtfully transforms properties: 6300 Wilshire

Evolving Workplace


  • A commitment to and involvement in real estate organizations to support these five innovations
  • Supporting local communities in which our buildings reside
  • Fostering active tenant communities within our buildings
  • Engaging tenants in the creation of vertical villages to join together for social impact
  • See how Swig encourages community


  • A focus on the broad impact of environmental stewardship
  • Energy Star and LEED certified buildings
  • Design and operations which promote health and wellness and prioritize occupant comfort and integrate nature in the built environment
  • Seek innovative solutions to problems and drive financial and community value
  • See how Swig provides enhanced outdoor experiences at its properties