The Swig Company
Investment Approach

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The Swig Company’s investment philosophy is based on the belief that the most successful investment strategies are realistically identified, and thoroughly analyzed and underwritten. We consistently strive to be nimble, quick and pragmatic in order to take advantage of opportunities that are constantly changing as local and global economic factors and capital markets change in response to rapid worldwide information flow. The Swig Company’s team of experienced real estate professionals offers an in-depth understanding of financial and capital markets, the ability to analyze and structure complex investments and deep operating experience as investors, asset managers, and property managers.


The Company prudently invests in supply constrained, high employment growth markets, targeting four primary geographic markets in particular: San Francisco/urban Bay Area, Southern California (Coastal Los Angeles Metro Area), New York and Washington, DC, whose economic underpinnings are not highly correlated. These supply-constrained markets have “knowledge-based” economies with large highly-educated work forces making these markets more resilient to economic cycles and ensuring continued growing demand for office space. We seek to balance appreciation resulting from superior management and value-added efforts with strong, predictable cash flow. Preservation of capital is of paramount importance, requiring disciplined management and operational insights that come from the depth of experience of our management team. We look for properties and locations that will hold their value in tough economic times and out-perform in periods of growth. We utilize moderate levels of debt.


In its joint venture relationships, The Swig Company invests substantial and meaningful amounts of its own capital alongside that of its partners. This co-investment strategy ensures that all partners’ interests are aligned, the key to successful partnership results. Investing alongside The Swig Company offers the ability to invest directly with a hands-on local market expert with a significant financial stake in the successful outcome of the investment.


Working with partners is a core premise of the The Swig Company approach. Partnerships with a wide range of globally recognized entities have proven a successful formula, helping leverage The Swig Company's own human and capital resources. (See Partnership Opportunities for more information on current and past partnerships.)


Looking to the future, The Swig Company seeks partnership and investment opportunities that tap the Company's core strengths while meeting objectives for value creation. In particular, The Swig Company seeks opportunities where flexibility, understanding of medium and longer-term investment horizons and expertise as an owner-operator can provide its partners with clear competitive advantages.