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The Swig Company has a long history of successful real estate investment partnerships spanning from large institutional equity partners to individual private investors. Since the initial handshake between Benjamin Swig and Jack Weiler some 70 years ago, The Company has participated in a long succession of thriving partnerships with some of this country’s most prominent real estate investors who demand financial wherewithal and experienced professional talent in their operating partner.


With alignment of interest sharply focused on creating value, our partnership investments seek out opportunities that balance optimal investment returns with prudent risk management. As a fully integrated company, the Swig Team provides our partners with confident, attentive professional experts in acquisitions, finance, asset management, leasing and outstanding property management. We look at each investment from our owner’s perspective and tailor the optimal investment horizon and strategy to the investment opportunity and our partner’s requirements.


Throughout its history, The Swig Company has successfully worked with a wide range of partners to enhance real estate values through renovation, acquisition and development. The Swig Company welcomes discussions with other real estate investors and users seeking a preferred partner with strong, active third party management capability and a highly-tuned owner perspective.



Interested parties and potential investors should contact:


Ken Perry,
President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)