Q&A: Swig’s Ken Perry on Company’s DNA

The Swig Company CEO Ken Perry spoke to The Registry on the company’s DNA.

“This interview series is framed by my belief that great companies in the real estate succeed in the long run not just by their great assets, but also by an inherent DNA in their business platform. The DNA of a business platform is defined by intangibles like culture, technology and systems, training, people and structure, diversity and maybe culminates in succession. This interview is with Kennard (“Ken”) Perry, the President and CEO of The Swig Company. The Swig Company is a family-owned company with holdings comprised of approximately 8.5 million square feet of diversified, limited-risk, urban office property. Here we talk about the unique aspects of being a family-owned organization and how that shapes the organization’s DNA and weighs on operational strategies.”

Read the full interview here.

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