Helping Our Communities Thrive

We are committed to creating meaningful social opportunities within and around our buildings, allowing people to gather and connect through amenities, special events programming, and community service projects.

Community is in our DNA

At the Swig Company, community and philanthropy are deeply rooted in our culture. Our leadership team empowers our employees to be active participants, extending their impact towards thousands of individuals, including building tenants, industry partners, local communities, and beyond.

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Community Impact

We are dedicated to being an active, supportive neighbor in the communities in which we invest. In keeping with the value the Swig family places on giving back, we strive to foster and nurture community by combining property-specific efforts, often in collaboration with our tenants, with company wide initiatives:

Local Action

Local Action

Our property management teams are empowered to identify needs in their local communities and initiate ways to make a difference. They regularly organize events and activities in which employees and tenants can give their time and other donations to support local causes.

Collective Effort

Collective Effort

Our active involvement in commercial real estate associations and various non-profit organizations provide opportunities for us to interact with our peers, share best practices, and explore ways to work together to bring about positive change.

Company Initiatives

Company Initiatives

The Swig Company develops company-wide community impact initiatives, including our company matching program for employee charitable donations, and paid days for employees to use toward volunteer activities.

Engaging Tomorrow’s Workforce

Engaging Tomorrow’s Workforce

Creating premier office space for tenants depends on the availability of a talented, skilled workforce. Our focus on tomorrow’s workforce helps prepare young individuals for successful, productive careers, promoting greater opportunities and equity for coming generations of building occupants. Learn more below.

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Committed to our Communities

The generational commitment of the Swig family to social responsibility is embedded in our company culture. We are dedicated to fostering diverse, inclusive and caring communities and to supporting organizations doing the work that changes lives.

SVP Director of Innovation and Community Impact

Tenant Experience

We help our building tenants achieve their best through innovative and accessible social opportunities. In addition to designing flexible workspaces that encourage great work, we provide amenities, special events programming, and community service projects that make it easy for our tenants to connect and give back. These include:

  • Outdoor plazas and cafes for gathering and meeting
  • Public area lounges and hubs to socialize and collaborate
  • Indoor greenery and rooftop gardens
  • Access to amenities and services throughout California properties, including event spaces
  • Invitations to participate in community service projects related to educating and engaging tomorrow’s workforce
  • Mobile access to connect via h3experiences app
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Valuing Human Experience: The h3experiences App

h3e app

We engage directly with our building occupants via the h3experiences app, which allows instant access and updated information on events, activities, services, and much more across our entire California property portfolio.

This online platform promotes engagement within our buildings and surrounding neighborhoods, providing a seamless and virtual way to connect, join community events, celebrate, and share. In addition to amenities and services within our buildings, we regularly use the app to invite our building tenants to participate in community service projects with us.

Explore the h3e app to learn more.

Community Organizations We Support